For the last couple years RFW Co has worked on a number of custom projects for all sorts of clients.  From big businesses, to local companies, individuals and families. Doing custom commissions is one of my favorite things to do! I get to work with or for really cool people, I get to be creative, problem solve and do things I may have never done before. The best part about doing custom work for people is when the project is done and I get to present the piece, see their eyes light up, a smile take over their face and hear them say "WHOA!".

In a world so accustomed to disposable box-store furniture and wares, you know, the table that you throw away after 3 years. My goal is to create something that is completely unique to the person or business that can't be bought anywhere and was built specifically for them. I use wood, not particle board, not plastic. I want what I make for you to last longer than you and I.  I want you to take pride in being able to hand this down to your children and hopefully your children's children. That's what real woodworkers do! We create pieces that become a part of your everyday life. Buying custom work is an investment in the craftsman's integrity and artistry, it may not be cheap but thats exactly the point! 

Reed F. Wilkerson