New Products!!!

Reed Wilkerson

I've been working on these for the last few months and I'm now so happy to reveal the fruits of my labor!


I'm in love with these! Not only are Walnut and Maple currently my favorite woods to work with, I'm so pleased with how the simple and beautiful pattern turned out. Plus these babies are big! 11 x 15 inches so you can slice up a storm on these and with the rubber feet attached to the bottom you won't have to worry about these cutting boards slipping around on you!

Head over to the Products page and pick one up! I only have a limited supply of these.


A motto, a mantra, a way of life! "Don't Be A Dick" is a RFW Co standard policy. An extension of the "Golden Rule", it's a reminder to always do your best, be of service to others, and make things for people that we would want made for ourselves. 

Made from 1/2 inch Walnut and engraved on a CNC. These make great additions to the home, the office or great gifts for those you feel need the reminder ;)

Head on over to the Products page and grab a couple of these while they last! 


Sometimes we need a reminder to Just Breathe. Originally I made this sign for my mother. As an accomplished singer and voice teacher she wanted a sign in her office as a reminder to her students that singing starts with the breath. 

Every part of life starts with the breath, our lives depend on it. In with the good, out with the bad, fill up and release, let go and move forward.

Get yours over on the Products page.