Woodworking is an ancient art form, with it's roots in creating useful items that we enjoy everyday. The craftsman that is a woodworker understands that function comes before form, knowing, what is the use of a beautiful table if it can't be eaten on? What's the use of a chair that can't be sat on comfortably? A woodworkers art is only as good as it's usefulness to others. A selfless craft that's number one goal and inspiration springs from the desire to be useful to those who will acquire the product of our work.

I got my start woodworking out of necessity and accidentally. I needed a guitar stand that could hold multiple guitars but didn't have the money to buy one. I took a wood pallet, and with little experience beyond high school wood shop class, I took it apart and made myself what I needed. Though very crude it worked perfectly so I shared a picture of it on social media. Next thing I know I'm getting orders from people to build them one, which led to people asking what else I could build for them. To that question I would simply reply "yes", then obsessively read everything I could, watch every youtube video available and asked anyone who seemed to know what they were doing lots of questions. I learned the craft by simply doing, making and relishing every mistake I could as a learning tool and quite honestly having no idea what wasn't possible. I have no idea what I'm going to make next and thats the most exciting part!